employersThe majority of our candidates come to us through personal referral from industry professionals. Unlike general staffing companies, candidates from The Hire Power already are working in the residential construction and sales industry. They speak the language, they understand the process. Many of them are not looking for a job or reading the job boards.

But sometimes they will make a move if the timing is right and the position that we contact them about offers more opportunity than the one in which they currently find themselves. The secret is the timing. Staying in touch. Treating everyone respectfully. Listening. Screening. In other words, all of the stuff you don’t have time to do.

Getting Started

To get started on a confidential search, employers should provide as much information as possible about the job opening. Location, skills and experience required, and compensation are all very important details.  We will send you a Search Proposal specific to your needs and outlining our fee and warranty. The Search Proposal permits us to start searching for your ideal new person and your signature is required consenting to our terms and conditions.

If time and distance allow, we try to conduct in-person interviews with candidates prior to submitting resumes for your review. If a face-to-face interview is not possible, we conduct an in-depth telephone screening. In general, the majority of the candidates that we place have been introduced to us through personal referral from industry friends and associates.

When we submit a resume for your review, we will provide you with as much information as possible about the candidate’s qualifications, motivation to interview, and compensation request.

If after reviewing a resume, you want to meet the candidate, a mutually-convenient interview will be coordinated through our office.

Once you have selected your perfect candidate and want to extend an offer of employment, that offer can come directly from you to the candidate or through our office, whichever you prefer.

Our fee becomes due once the candidate commences their employment with you. You pay us only if you hire one of our candidates. The search is free.

To request a search proposal or to initiate a search, please contact us at 410.740.7003 or via email at info@thehirepower.com.