canWe are always looking for talent. You can send your resume to us with confidence that we will take every step to insure your confidentiality. All resumes should be directed to resume@thehirepower.com.

If we have an immediate need for someone with your background and skills, you will be invited in for a face-to-face interview in our Ellicott City office. If you live outside Maryland, an in-depth telephone interview will be scheduled with you. Please plan to have a list of at least three professional references available.

If we do not have an immediate opening that is a fit for you, we will schedule an introductory phone call to obtain an overview of your skills, salary requirements and motivation in looking for a new position.

Please submit your resume in a Microsoft Word document. If you do not have a resume, or if your resume needs to be improved, contact us to be referred to a professional resume writer.

We attempt to stay in touch with active job seekers on a regular basis. However, you will generally only be contacted if we have an actual job opening that may interest you.

Please remember, our client is the builder, not you as a candidate. We are not a temporary agency. The positions that we fill are full-time permanent positions.

We only refer you to clients if we determine that your background, experience and salary requirements match the description of the position our client is seeking to fill.

If our client reviews your resume and wants to meet with you, such meeting will be coordinated through our office.

Preparing for an Interview

In preparation for your interview with our client you should make sure that you have done research on the company with whom you are interviewing, and that you have very clear directions to the meeting place. You should also plan to arrive at your destination at least 10 minutes early. Remember that you only have one opportunity to create a positive first impression.

Here is a list of tips for a successful interview:

  • Dress professionally.
  • Do not chew gum.
  • Turn off your cell phone.
  • Do not wear heavy perfume or cologne.
  • Do not interrupt the interviewer.
  • Take a copy of your resume with you.
  • Have a list of at least three professional references.

Once you are finished your interview, please call our office and give us your initial impression of the opportunity. Remember, the majority of our clients conduct criminal and credit background checks as well as drug testing. Also, many of our clients have a no smoking policy. All of our clients are Equal Opportunity Employers.