About Us

We love helping people find the perfect job with one of our home builders!

Born and raised in Liverpool, England, the President of The Hire Power, Hazel Hall, has worked in the new homes industry for over 25 years.  Starting out selling new homes, Hazel eventually became a recruiter for a large sales & marketing company, and was responsible for staffing over 100 communities with sales assistants and community sales managers for a large client base of home builders. She opened The Hire Power, Inc. in 1996.

Our team is highly skilled and has years of experience. We’re passionate about delivering exceptional customer service to you. When you hire us to conduct a search, we will start the process right away by going through our data bases and mining our resources to determine if an ideal candidate is already there. If we don’t have the ideal person right away, we will conduct an immediate outreach with our industry contacts to help us identify your perfect recruit.

Since the early days of The Hire Power, our recruitment services have expanded, and we now place all of the other positions that builders seek to fill, not just sales people.

We take every measure to ensure that our searches are kept strictly confidential.

Hazel Hall | President